Brokenness to Blessings: Navigating the Journey of Divorce

  1. Linda Cloes says:

    What a wonderful, heartfelt, and wise response to your situation, Savonnah! God does indeed take these ashes and create something new, while acknowledging the grief that such circumstances bring.
    Your post struck a cord with me as I have lived this out in my own life and have seen the beauty (and trial) of welcoming new people into my life as well.
    God is sovereign and walks every step of the journey with us. He makes us strong and resilient and fills us with empathy for coming alongside others experiencing the

  2. Mariah Mitchell says:

    Your words are so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your healing journey with me and so many others. It takes courage to speak from the heart and I know it will shine a light for others who are walking a similar path

    I’m so very grateful for your faith and for the blessings that God has brought into our lives in the midst of the heartache. We will continue to embrace the joy and process the grief together. I love you with all my heart sweet girl ❤️ Love, Mom

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