Every Girl, Everywhere

  1. Paula says:

    Oh April, put aside the fact that I’m your Mom and I love you unconditionally no matter what… and let me say this as a fellow woman.
    You are truly working in the trenches and offering women a chance to be seen, to be heard, maybe for the first time. They may not have come to the shelter to receive
    grace and the love of Christ but I have no doubt they will! It’s no surprise that God has called you here, for such a time is this! I couldn’t agree more that this in no way conflicts with your ministry, but rather confirms it! So proud of you! Continue to be available to every girl everywhere and watch what God will do!! 🙌🏻❤️

  2. Oe says:

    This is solid dude. I am always encouraged by your boldness and posture to step into whatever the Lord leads you to. Ever since we’ve known one another I feel like in every season of your life God has called you to step out in big ways. Despite the nerves, worries, and fears that are present, you’ve made God’s presence in your life greater. I am so proud of you and thank the Lord for being so purposeful in our sufferings and showing you some of the purpose in the heartache of your occupation.

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