Don’t Stop Doing What God Has Called You To Do

  1. Chariss says:

    I truly hear you. I too have experienced similar things and even after stepping away from leadership the arrows still fly. I pray you know this is your offering to God and him alone. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. Jaime Cumming says:

    What an encouragement this is to me! Very timely. Thank you!

  3. I love that we both found ourselves studying Nehemiah at the same time! Wow, there is a wealth of knowledge penned in this book. I’m so proud of you for not just reading it’s words, but applying it in your life. Our struggles are no different from then until now, even though we live in a different time.
    Thank you for sharing and reminded us once again, that we must fix our eyes on Jesus and walk in His strength to accomplish all He has for us, regardless of
    what others do or don’t do!
    You’ve got this, because He has you!!
    Love you so much!!😘

  4. Ron Schaefer says:

    Great reminder that the work we do is unto the Lord
    and not man. We have to stay on course and work to please the Lord and not man. However, the Lord is faithful, does he require us to do our part… yelp!

    I loved how you pointed out if we don’t have the right people in our lives, then we need to reconsider where we are have been going… ouch!

    Keep bringing them Jesus…

  5. Tamera Jennings says:

    Excellent encouragement and post April!! I love how the Lord uses you and your joy [in Him]! I’m thrilled that you continue to be transparent as well – with the humanness of us all – it’s okay to fall in to a heap, just don’t stay there.

    What a blessing to have a young woman reminding some ‘oldies & goodies’ of the freshness of the Word – God IS our foundation – no matter the times.

    Love you lots and thankful I got to know you when you were a ‘young whipper-snapper’

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